High-quality, seamless care throughout the hospital

Our inpatient medicine teams ensure safe and successful transitions of care for vulnerable patients, including admissions from the emergency department, ICU transfers, and discharges to post-acute care.

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An aging population with growing healthcare needs

Admitted patients now have twice as many comorbidities than in the past, requiring new models of care and highly skilled hospitalists to manage their complex needs.

At Vituity, we help hospitals manage the cost and complexity of inpatient care and improve the patient outcome as well as experience.

Vituity hospitalists integrate and collaborate with providers to deliver the highest quality of care. At one health system, the team reduced time to admission by 50 minutes and decreased admitted length of stay by 6% within one year—all while dramatically increasing patient satisfaction scores.

Inpatient care throughout the patient journey

Strengthening the patient-provider relationship

Vituity’s programs improve care quality through evidence-based treatment, improved discharge planning, and continuity of care. Our comprehensive approach to inpatient medicine removes administrative burdens from hospitalists and allows them to focus on caring for patients.

By customizing our inpatient medicine program to meet your hospital’s needs, we can help:

  • Streamline the admission process.
  • Reduce ED crowding.
  • Improve clinical outcomes.
  • Decrease length of stay.
  • Optimally prepare patients for discharge.
  • Minimize preventable readmissions.
  • Lower costs and increase revenue.
  • Improve both patient and referring provider satisfaction.

In addition, Vituity is a CMS-approved Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for hospital medicine.