Closer collaboration, better care

The picture of integration: Vituity’s inpatient medicine practice delivers a seamless experience between the emergency department, inpatient departments, and post-acute care.

As hospitals assume more financial risk for patients, post-acute care is an integral extension of your hospital’s care delivery model. In turn, post-acute outcomes have a direct impact on your reputation and bottom line. And, is why we’ve made it sincere focus.

Powerful data

Vituity’s data system provides the ability to improve hospital coverage and performance. Standard monthly reported metrics include physician productivity, throughput, average hospital length of stay, individual physician and discharge status, and top diagnoses.

Performance and Quality Data Reporting

We felt that having a related hospitalist service could improve the patient experience and throughput because the physicians are partners in the same group and have the same goals.

Kendall Fults, RN

Senior Vice President of Network Operations

Adventist Health – Central Valley Network (248 total beds across 3 hospitals)

Learn how we can deliver impressive results for you:

True ED, critical care, and post-acute care integration

Our hospitalists coordinate medical and nursing staff across all departments, ensuring patients receive the best care possible. That means better care for the patient and improved practice efficiencies.

Better patient flow

Aligning hospital and ED physicians improves the flow of patients into and through the hospital. Hospitals that have more capacity to handle more admissions and treat more patients.

Improved patient experience

Better communication eliminates redundant testing and ensures patients receive timely, appropriate care, which improves the patient's overall experience.

Coordination and reduced costs

By working together, emergency and hospital medicine physicians better understand and anticipate the other needs, which eliminates repetitive or unnecessary services.

Fewer readmissions

We can identify which patients are at greatest risk for readmissions and offer focused tools and resources to increase outcomes for those populations.

Improved PCP and subspecialist satisfaction

Our quality-of-care not only meets but routinely exceeds the expectations of referring providers and leaders to more admissions and referrals.

Smooth transfers

Our integrated emergency and hospital medicine program seamlessly accepts transfers from referring providers and hospitals—saving time and improving patient care.

Improved payer mix

Ensuring an optimal experience for patients supports a positive reputation for the hospital, which helps attract patients with choices.