Neurohospitalist Services

Vituity's neurohospitalist program improves care for patients recovering from stroke and patients who suffer epilepsy or other neurologic issues. We assist with care coordination and treatment planning through daily rounding that integrates with the full clinical team.


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Managing the nuances of neurology inpatients

With specialized training and a dedicated inpatient focus, our team provides predictable, high quality in-person and remote neurology care for your highly vulnerable patients.

Neurohospitalist physician with white mask around neck looks concerned

In-person neurohospitalists

Vituity neurohospitalists are trained to manage neurologic complexities. Focused on patients with neurologic disorders, Vituity neurohospitalists perform daily rounds on patients in the emergency department, intensive care unit, and on the floor, as well as consult on patients across other hospital departments.


Our unique telehealth program can be a cost-effective solution to fill gaps in specialist coverage for your hospital. Through HD audio, video, and remote diagnostics, Vituity teleneurohospitalists are available to consult on complex neurologic patients.

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Neurology requires different expertise. When a neurohospitalist evaluates and manages these patients, we see appropriate ordering of tests, decreased lengths of stay, better outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction.

Yafa Minazad DO, MMM Vice President of Acute Neurology

Yafa Minazad DO, MMM
Vice President of Acute Neurology

Program benefits

Program benefits

Several neurohospitalists meeting with laptops on table looking at a brainscan

Quality and outcomes - enhances appropriate ordering of tests, speeds time to evaluation, and reduces length of stay.

Patient satisfaction and continuity - improves the patient experience with tightly coordinated care and transitions from our dedicated team of neurohospitalists.

Program development - supports development and expansion of neurointerventional, neurodiagnostic, and specialty programs, such as an epilepsy monitoring unit, deep brain stimulation, neuro-oncology, and palliative care as well as assisting in the stroke center accreditation process.

Aligned with hospital initiatives - advances your hospital’s quality and process improvement initiatives with engaged physicians and robust support resources.

Several neurohospitalists meeting with laptops on table looking at a brainscan

Administrative fellowship

Vituity offers a unique fellowship, in partnership with Stanford University, that focuses on clinical neurophysiology and administrative leadership. Current neurohospitalist Dr. Shahla Moghbel was the first fellow to complete this program and serves as a Vituity neurology medical director today.


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As the demand for neurological care rises, so does the need for neurologists trained in the business of medicine.

Shahla Moghbel, DO

Shahla Moghbel, DO

Neurology, Medical Director

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Explore neurohospitalist careers

neurologist reviewing digital brain scans

Neurology jobs are available for physicians, residents, and advanced providers. Browse current neurology openings on our job board or learn about becoming a Vituity partner.

You can also gain experience in clinical neurophysiology and management. Our unique Tele-Neurology Intraoperative Monitoring (IONM) Fellowship is offered in conjunction with Stanford University.

Partnering to improve patient lives

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