Elective Residency Rotations

Test Drive Your Future Career


Vituity offers senior residents the opportunity to explore different hospitals through one-month away rotations at select sites during their final year of training. You'll gain an insider look at our unique 100% physician-owned and -led partnership where local decision-making is backed by a national support structure.


Residency rotations are available to senior residents in their final year of training. We offer opportunities in emergency medicine and outpatient medicine, with plans to expand to other specialties, and are usually one month long with an average of 150 clinical hours.

Our dedicated academic team helps guide residents through the rotation application and placement process.


elective residency rotations

Emergency Medicine Rotations

elective residency rotations

For nearly 50 years, we have delivered high-impact emergency room solutions that improve patient care. Our network of 5,000 clinicians care for more than 8 million patients across 450 practice locations.

Our ownership model empowers our clinicians to lead hospital innovations that solve emergency department challenges. We offer opportunities for collaborative, career-minded emergency medicine clinicians who want to have an impact in the way they practice medicine.

Emergency medicine rotations are offered in numerous states across the country. Our academic team will assist you to find the best match for your rotation. Emergency medicine rotations are available for emergency medicine residents only.


Outpatient Medicine Rotations

Vituity has more than 35 years of experience of providing integrated acute care in an outpatient setting. Ranging from large health system contracts to independently owned and operated clinics, our services consist of urgent care, family medicine, occupational health, wound care, palliative care, correctional facilities, FQHCs, mobile units, medical aesthetics, and health and wellness specialties.


Whether in-person or virtual care settings, we bring convenience and compassion to our combined practices, which see over half a million patients annually across 60 locations, nationwide.


We provide a clinical system of support and best in class operations, so you can keep the patient front and center​.


Our outpatient medicine rotation includes multiple sites offering you the ability to see various locations with different populations for a well-rounded experience.


Outpatient medicine rotations are available for emergency medicine, family medicine and inpatient medicine residents only.


Outpatient Medicine Rotations
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The elective rotation gave me the chance to immerse myself in a different practice setting, and truly experience the culture of a site. Not only do you get face time with potential future partners but also experience the teamwork of the nurses, techs, and other staff members.

Dr. Andre Lee, MD

Completed residency rotation at Emanate Health

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