Transforming psychiatric care, improving lives

We believe psychiatric emergencies are medical emergencies. And the best acute psychiatric care is delivered when patients are treated in a less stressful, less restrictive setting.

Led by internationally recognized expert Scott Zeller, MD, Vituity’s Acute Psychiatry practice has transformed the standard of care for patients in behavioral health crisis and alleviated care delays and crowding in hospitals. 

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Addressing the crisis

Approximately 1 in 8 visits to the ED involve mental health and substance abuse problems. But care delays in the ED can cause symptoms to escalate, as patients experience an average of 8 to 34 hours of ED boarding.

On average, 75% of EmPATH Unit patients avoid an inpatient psychiatric admission altogether and are safely discharged within 24 hours.

Expert care when patients need it most

A foundation of compassion and dignity

At the heart of better psychiatric care is a clinically proven and purposeful way to care for hospitals’ most challenging patient population. Our behavioral health solutions increase accessibility to emergency psychiatrists for hospital-based provider teams, family members, case management teams, and community behavioral health resources.


Benefits of Vituity’s behavioral health solutions


  • Improved ED throughput - Opens beds, increasing capacity for patients in need of emergent care in the ED
  • Patient-centric solutions - Improves care by stabilizing patients quickly and treating them in the right setting, reducing incidents of restraint and seclusion for agitated patients
  • Fewer inpatient admissions - Prevents unnecessary hospitalizations and dramatically lowers overall costs of care
  • Reduces ED overcrowding - Relieves stress on ED physicians, nurses, and support staff, and positively impacts patient satisfaction and outcomes
  • Better discharge procedures - Multidisciplinary, team-based approach to discharge planning, ensuring a robust aftercare plan
  • Supports reimbursement - Reduces denials with improved documentation and optimizes CMS quality measures for hospital-based inpatient psychiatry services