Transforming psychiatric care, improving lives

At the heart of better psychiatric care is a clinically proven and purposeful way to treat hospitals’ most challenging  population. Vituity's patient-centric solutions ensure prompt, appropriate and compassionate care. 

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Expert care when patients need it most

Vituity is transforming the delivery of acute psychiatry to ensure appropriate, timely, and compassionate care through proven, cost-effective methods.

Vituity’s emPATH Unit allows patients to be cared for quickly and efficiently, freeing up inpatient psychiatric beds for those who desperately need hospitalization, as well as improving emergency department throughput.

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Addressing the crisis

Heath systems across the country are facing significant challenges in providing appropriate acute psychiatric services. Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. (43.8 million) experiences behavioral health issues in a given year, and 1 in 8 visits to the ED involve behavioral health and substance abuse problems.

This has led to ED overcrowding, stress on patients and hospital staff, poor care, high cost, and lost revenue. Vituity’s services alleviate these issues by helping hospitals reinvent the way they care for acute psychiatric patients.

Transforming psychiatric care, improving lives

We believe psychiatric care is best delivered when patients have a less stressful, less restrictive setting.

At the heart of better psychiatric care is a clinically-proven and purposeful way to treat hospitals’ most challenging patient population. Our Acute Psychiatry offering is a patient-centric solution that ensures prompt, appropriate and compassionate care.  

  • Improved ED throughput

More beds means increased capacity for patients in need of medical care in the ED

  • Patient-centric solution

Improves care by stabilizing patients quickly and treating them in the right setting to address their needs.

  • Fewer inpatient admissions

Prevents unnecessary hospitalizations and dramatically lowers overall costs of care

  • Reduces ED overcrowding

Relieves stress on ED physicians, nurses, and support staff, and positively impacts patient satisfaction and outcomes

  • Better discharge procedures

Multi-disciplinary, team-based approach to discharge planning, ensuring a robust aftercare plan

  • Supports reimbursement

Optimized CMS quality measures for Hospital-Based Inpatient Psychiatry Services