Healthcare Justice Perspectives

How Healthcare Leaders Can Make Health Equity a Reality

In partnership with Becker's Hospital Review, Vituity is hosting a live webinar on February 2nd, on the societal impacts of healthcare injustice and ways that hospital leadership and community allies can lead the movement toward healthcare equality.

The opportunity has never been more significant to address the systemic impacts of healthcare injustice, particularly to minority and underserved communities.

Join this discussion as healthcare executives share insights on what steps healthcare leaders can take to foster a culture of inclusivity and highlight examples of how different healthcare organizations are taking a grassroots approach to this noble cause.


Healthcare Justice Starts With Us

As healthcare leaders and clinicians, we must “walk the walk” to promote inclusiveness and recognition of inequality. The noticeable influence of racism permeates heavily throughout our society, with healthcare injustice being one of the most pervasive and dangerous determinants.

At Vituity we are committed to creating a more equitable healthcare system for all. We are joining crucial conversations on healthcare inequities, enforcing culturally competent care standards in our organization and actively creating pathways for future generations of diverse leaders.

Vituity’s Physician Leaders Drive Positive Change in the Healthcare Industry

CEO Imamu Tomlinson, MD, MBA shares his perspective on the important qualities for leadership in Becker’s Healthcare Podcast: Leadership Lessons.

Earlier this year, Dr. Tomlinson reflected on the important role healthcare leaders can play in bringing healthcare justice to our communities: Inclusion and Equality in Healthcare podcast.

As an African American healthcare CEO and emergency physician in an underserved rural community, healthcare justice is close to my heart.

Imamu Tomlinson, MD, MBA


Maureen Bell, M.D., Vituity Medical Director and chair of the emergency department at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C., has seen the disproportionate burden that COVID-19 has had on older Black adults, firsthand. Dr Bell, the recipient of the 2020 Wes Curry Award in Executive Leadership and is featured in AARP article COVID-19 Proves Especially Fatal to Aging African Americans.

As a country, as a community, we are only as healthy as the most vulnerable among us…. in order for us to deal with this pandemic, then we actually need to be focused on improving baseline healthcare for everyone.

Maureen Bell, M.D., Vituity Medical Director