San Joaquin Community Hospital

Hospital Beds 255
Annual ED Visits 58400
ED Beds 22
Fast Fact Nationally Certified Stroke Center

When San Joaquin Community Hospital brought in CEP America, their emergency department (ED) already had several processes in place to improve quality and patient satisfaction. The talented and enthusiastic ED staff regularly collected patient data and reviewed it in an effort to improve operations and functionality. But despite strong team cohesion and ongoing process improvement efforts, the ED was frequently underperforming in areas such as time-to-provider (TTP), turnaround time to discharge (TAT-D), and patient satisfaction.

After listening to recommendations from fellow Adventist Health hospitals, San Joaquin’s administration chose to partner with CEP America because of their management and partnership structure.

Following several months of planning, CEP America implemented its Rapid Medical Evaluation (RME) program and the community took notice almost immediately. “We had actually planned on doing some advertising of our new wait times,” comments Gregg Miller, MD, former ED Medical Director. “However, we didn’t need to at all – word just spread like wildfire.”

Within a matter of weeks, San Joaquin’s ED saw its patient volume rise from 143 patients a day to an average of 181 patients a day. “We thought there might be a little bit of an uptick in volume,” recounts Robert Beehler, San Joaquin’s CEO. “We were not prepared for the dramatic increase in volume; but admissions are up 7 percent and that’s almost exclusively because of ER admissions.”

Despite the sudden increase in volume, the ED was able to improve and maintain operations and patient care. Patients were happy to be seen by a provider in less than thirty minutes, while others were impressed by the patient callback program, whereby an ED provider follows up with a patient shortly after they are discharged.

There’s not another facility in the area that’s seeing patients as quickly as we’re seeing them now.  It’s been such a great union between San Joaquin and CEP, and I think people are really speaking with their feet.

Tom Lukaszczyk, MD

Regional Director