So you're approaching the end of your long journey to becoming an attending physician. That's truly amazing. You will finally (finally!) have the last word and be the ultimate decision maker in your own practice.

Vituity's Director of Academic Affairs. And I’m Melissa Nuñez, Vituity's Residency Outreach Manager.

And if we sound overly enthusiastic, please understand that residents are pretty much our life. You're the reason we get up in the morning, and your success is our success.
But enough about us. You've got life-changing decisions on the horizon.
In the coming year, you need to find a practice home where you can build a satisfying career. 
And that's not just about finding a job that's five minutes from Disneyland (though that would be cool too). The biggest reason physicians succeed in their first jobs is because they find practices that match their values and beliefs.
As a job seeker, you probably hear a lot of companies talking about “culture.” It's a bit of a buzzword these days, but don't underestimate its power. Because the straight truth is, a great workplace culture — one that's a good fit for you — can make you a happier, more successful physician.
So, how do you know where you belong?

That's where Vituity's Senior Residents Day can really shine a light.

We designed Senior Residents’ Day, or SRD, as an intensive workshop that helps you make a positive transition from residency to the rest of your life.
The Senior Residents’ Day program kicks off with a series of presentations on topics that you care about.
Some of the speakers are brand-new Partners who were sitting in the audience just last year. Others are seasoned clinicians and leaders. We even bring in our benefits director to offer some financial planning advice. (For some reason, he always steals the show.)
To give you an idea of what we cover at SRD, here are some of our favorite takeaways from the 2017 presentations:

1. Life as an attending

Moving from a prescribed existence to determining your own fate can be a major transition. Consider assembling your own "advisory team" to support and mentor you when you leave your residency faculty behind.

2. What interviewers look for in a new hire

Turnover is costly. Most medical directors want to make sure that you're a good fit for the organizational culture … and also that they can offer what you’re looking for. So make sure your references are in order and show up with thoughtful questions!

3. The No. 1 mistake job seekers make

Don’t be afraid to talk about compensation. Candidates who research their market worth and use it to negotiate their starting salary almost always make more out of the gate. 

4. Learn about practice models

Many physicians coming out of residency express a preference for the simple employment model. But working as an independent contractor or joining a physician partnership has added benefits that are not always so obvious. The key is to know which model is right for your goals and values.

5. New attendings in academia

If you enjoy teaching, learning, and researching, consider taking your first job at a teaching hospital. The adage is that it’s easy to leave academia, but hard to come back to it later!

6. Risk management

Malpractice insurance exists to protect you. But you can also take steps to limit your professional risk. These include careful documentation, use of techniques like cognitive pause, taking steps to prevent burnout, and following a rigorous decision-making process.
Representatives from The Mutual, Vituity's risk retention group, will share some helpful tips derived from real-life case data to help you avoid future litigation.

7. Retirement planning

A key to retiring early is saving early. While many new physicians consider employment to be the “safest” model financially, physician Partners may have access to certain financial instruments that can help them meet their retirement goals sooner.
Senior Residents’ Day culminates with a panel discussion. Our panelists talk openly about the ups and downs of their careers, employment models, and Vituity. We strive for transparency so you can make the right decision for you.
We've designed SRD to offer tons of value even if you never apply for a Vituity position. But if you're interested in working with us or seeing more of what we're about …

We now offer an optional interview day on Day #2

Interview day is now in its second year. And it's getting rave reviews from residents and medical directors alike.
Think of interview day as job search speed dating. You'll be scheduled to talk to 14 different medical directors for 20 minutes each. (Don't worry, there will be plenty of coffee and bathroom breaks. We are not without priorities!)
How do we create your interview schedule, you ask? No lie, it's a huge process! We start with your geographical preferences and the type of practice you're interested in (community, academic, etc.).
We also try to give everyone at least one interview that's off their job search radar —  because what's more beautiful than an unexpected love match?
Interview day can also be a great way to refine your search. After all, you only have so much time to travel to onsite interviews. Resident speed dating can help you zoom in on the departments that fit you best — and cross the less promising ones off the list.
And the odds are in your favor. Historically, Vituity hires about 35 percent of emergency medicine residents who attend interview day. Hospital Medicine Interview Day is a newer program, but we'd love for it to match those numbers.

So that's the scoop on Senior Residents’ Day and Interview Day!

If you're coming up on your final year of residency, please keep SRD in mind for August! Support for most travel and hotel accommodations is provided. We'll be sending details to your residency program director in March, or you can contact us for more information at
Thanks for reading! We hope to meet you in person soon.
Best Wishes,
Lori and Melissa