Black and African American
Vitans for Change

Vituity’s Black and African American Vitans for Change (BAAVC) is Vituity’s enterprise resource group dedicated to increasing representation and visibility of Black and African American clinicians and employees across the organization.

Vituity is proud to celebrate and amplify Black and African American voices in healthcare so that we may continue our mission to increase representation, foster diverse leaders of the next generation, and create a more equal and just healthcare system. In 2019 Vituity launched our Diversity and Inclusion Program, with a core value of championing diversity and fostering inclusion in the workplace and the communities we serve.

We strive to recognize and honor the struggles, strength, and perspectives of Black men and women inside and outside of Vituity, while creating pathways to careers and career advancement in healthcare.

The State of Black Health

BAAVC hosted an inspiring discussion on Black health and the social and economic barriers to health equity. Watch this video clip as ER physician and best-selling author, Sampson Davis, MD, shares his perspectives on stepping outside the healthcare walls into the community to talk about the COVID vaccine.


Spotlight on The Black Experience

Christopher Smith, MD
  • "I firmly believe that mentorship and networking are key for success in any field, both professionally and personally. Having someone to guide and assist you to navigate through a process alien to you can give mentees an advantage."

  • - Christopher Smith, MD
    Assistant Emergency Department Medical Director, Howard University Hospital & co-lead Vituity's BAAVC (Black African American Vitans for Change)

Tasha Scott-Tomlinson, MD
  • “Young people need to see more than music and athletics as pathways to success.  They need to see more teachers, engineers, business owners, doctors, nurses, professors…  There are so many pathways to success that many youths do not even consider.  I would like us all to work together to promote our own success as an African American community at large.”

  • - Tasha Scott-Tomlinson, MD
    Hospitalist Medical Director

Lorna Holmes - Compliance Administrator
  • “I’ve learned that success leaves behind clues, and that hard work reaps great rewards. I have been fortunate enough to have had people in my life to serve as role models so that I could follow their examples and learn from them. Through mentoring, networking and continued education I have learned to build valuable relationships that have shaped my professional career. I would like more people challenge themselves to learn these valuable skills so that they could propel themselves even farther than they imagined that they could go."

  • - Lorna Holmes
    Compliance Administrator