Life At Vituity – it's much more than a career

At Vituity, you join a community focused on our mission to improve the lives of others. It's ambitious, but achievable with the support, trust, and empowerment we provide each other. Our passion and collective experiences make us stronger and propel us towards our unified goal.

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Everyone plays a part

We welcome the expertise and perspectives of all our clinicians and employees. Our culture drives us to do more than just care for patients, we’re encouraged to figure out how we can make a much bigger impact in our communities. When we are unified, we can do so much more.


Culture of Brilliance

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Since Vituity's beginning, our clinicians and employees have been empowered to make a difference. While it continues to evolve, our culture remains rooted in values where everyone has a sense of ownership and autonomy.


  • “We” is always greater than “me.” Shared goals, incentives, and metrics allow everyone to focus on the team instead of the individual.
  • Help others rise to the top. In a true culture of brilliance, everyone is empowered to help each other succeed.
  • Recognize people for the value of their work. Showing authentic appreciation and gratitude may be the most important leadership attribute.
  • Cultivate a passion for what you and the team do. Passion and effort always outperform skill and competence.
women employees at laptop
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We never lose by helping each other succeed. Most companies reward individual effort—but what if you were rewarded when you helped someone else reach their goal? Now that’s different. That is brilliance.

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Imamu Tomlinson, MD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer at Vituity

Partnering to improve patient lives

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