Who We Are

We are at the heart of better care

Vituity is a physician-led and physician-owned Partnership, that combines clinical excellence with business acumen to help healthcare organizations raise the standard of patient care and improve their performance metrics.  We are comprised of top physicians, advanced providers, and industry professionals, practicing in 9 specialties and across 14 states.

We extend our partnership approach to our clients, working closely with hospital leadership to identify and execute strategies that impact patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. Our physicians and industry experts believe in taking a flexible approach to each client site, applying best practices from across the country to the unique situations at hand. 

Vituity places clinical expertise and patient outcomes at the center of our practice. Our acute focus and compassionate care are the driving forces behind our ambition to be at the heart of better care.

Vituity physician providing care to patient

Our Evolution

Vituity was born over 40 years ago as California Emergency Physicians, a group of emergency department doctors based in Northern California. Our founding Partners began the group with a strong sense of the important role doctors must play in defining and delivering high quality patient care.

Over the years, our solid foundation has led to national growth and expansion into adjacent service lines. Today, we are recognized for our genuine care for our patients, and our ability to deliver outstanding outcomes at hospitals and medical organizations across the country. As we look to the future, we continue to lead positive change in the healthcare industry.

With our vision as our guide, we have changed our name and brand to reflect our passion and our direction. Vituity represents our dedication to leading the future of healthcare, and the passion with which we practice our vocation.

Together, we are at the heart of better care.

What makes us different?

At Vituity, we approach things differently. Our unique culture and spirit is defined by five primary principles.

Our Philosophy

As a physician-owned organization, the Partners of Vituity have a personal stake in the company, and a vested interest in the direction of the industry. We are committed to leading and influencing positive change as the business and practice of healthcare evolve.

Vituity's unique business structure allows us to focus on sustained, long-term success. Each Partner has a personal stake in the success of their client site and the continued growth of the organization. As we look to the future, we continue to diversify our offerings and expand our footprint to meet the needs of our clients and partners, and the changing healthcare industry.

Our Business Units

Vituity is led and owned by the Physician Partners business unit; physician partnership that founded the organization. Physician Partners includes physicians, advanced providers, scribes, and clinical support staff working together to provide superior patient care at our client sites throughout the company.

Physician Partners is supported by two subsidiary business units: Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management.

Together, we are Vituity.