Modernizing your ED

Maximizing the quality of patient care, outcomes, and hospital profitability. We know your goals: increased market share, improved patient satisfaction, and a better payer mix. Partnering with Vituity can forge the way forward to seeing more patients quickly, being known for better care, and allowing your good reputation to attract those with choices.

Vituity’s emergency medicine practice helps relieve pressures on your ED. Our innovative solutions are designed to increase efficiencies, assess patients quickly, improve outcomes and save millions in lost or unrecognized revenue.

Having a physician and a dedicated nurse out front has been the key to enabling us to make decisions faster, run tests quicker, see more patients, and decrease TAT-D.

Robert Barandica, MD

ED Medical Director, Doctors Medical Center

-Modesto (95k annual visits)

Learn how we can deliver impressive results for you:

Game-changing ED services

Founded by emergency physicians, Vituity understands the ED’s unique challenges. For 40 years we’ve been perfecting best practices in emergency department management to ensure hospitals are able to care for patients effectively.

Our programs are designed to address critical issues such as overcrowding, patient flow, lost patients, and wait times. Because many patients begin their hospital journey in the ED, an efficient and stress-free is a tremendous advantage for patients and staff alike.


Performance and Quality Data Reporting

Vituity’s emergency medicine practice offers an integrated, customized, and effective ED solution, utilizing proven, cost-effective methods that are re-defining the care model.

We’re known for improving patient satisfaction and ED flow while decreasing LWBS rates and emergency department overcrowding—issues that greatly impact hospital revenue.

Rapid Medical Evaluation (RME) – innovative triage model

Our physician-developed, parallel-processing model results in improved efficiency and higher patient satisfaction

Multi-disciplinary, integrated team care

Coordination with other hospital departments improves patient care, reduces length of stay, and reduces avoidable readmissions

Coordinated care, enhanced patient experience

Improved operational efficiency and reduced ED overcrowding, contributes to more satisfied patients, measurably better patient care scores, and happier staff

Better inpatient efficiencies

Seamless transfer processes result in stronger referrals from the ED into the hospital