Alignment Is a Competitive Advantage

Exceptional surgical services can boost your hospital’s financial health. Vituity’s anesthesiology practice works across the entire perioperative setting, coordinating with administrators, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to ensure alignment and deliver the best patient-centered care. And because Vituity is a physician-owned partnership, our anesthesiologists and advanced providers have the resources to effectively manage their practice in ways that benefit physicians, facilities, and patients. Improve your surgical alignment, get better outcomes and grow revenue.

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Vituity offers site level autonomy and the stability of a national practice infrastructure giving anesthesiologists the freedom to focus on innovation and precision. We support every area of your practice to ensure strong leadership, program development, integration of care and reimbursement management. When you join an invested partnership, you have a voice in the way you practice medicine and the support you need to succeed.

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Michael Paige, MD

    "Vituity’s anesthesiologists play an integral role in creating a seamless continuum of care that places your patients on the trajectory to a rapid recovery."

  • Michael Paige, MD
    Anesthesiologist and Vice President of Practice Development