Real Talk with Alicia Mikolaycik Kurtz, MD

Real Talk - Conversations that Heal

Humans are storytellers by nature. We share the happenings of our lives – the happy, sad, infuriating, overwhelming, stressful, and miraculous – by telling stories that inspire and entertain.

The Real Talk Podcast brings stories to life from the front lines of medicine. As providers, we have experiences that are not well understood by others, and we often do not take time to share our stories together in a meaningful way. Real Talk is a safe space to share and process these stories, honoring the human experience of working in medicine.

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Meet the Host

Alicia Mikolaycik Kurtz, MDReal Talk was created by Alicia Mikolaycik Kurtz, MD, during her residency in emergency medicine at UCSF Fresno. She has since brought this sought-after program to multiple residencies, clinical departments, national and regional conferences, and provider groups across the country. Dr. Kurtz was named one of EMRA’s 45 Under 45 influencers in emergency medicine and currently practices in Sacramento, CA. She is passionate about shifting the culture of medicine toward celebrating the human side of our clinical experience.

What is Real Talk?

Real Talk is a program that creates a space for conversations that heal – bringing dignity, meaning, and significance to our experience as care providers.

As healthcare providers, we deal with situations that are truly unique to our profession. They cause us incredible joy, sadness, pride, disappointment, guilt, fear – the whole gamut of emotions.  We have plenty of opportunities to share our cases, do quality review, and reflect on our mistakes. But we rarely talk about how it all feels. We don't discuss what it's like when our patient dies, when a child is sick, when we witness a miracle, or what it's like to be a part of a team that literally saves lives.

In-person. Departments, teams, or collaborative groups meet for Real Talk sessions where one or more providers shares a real story of their experience working in medicine, followed by guided discussion in small groups. The program helps increase comradery, combat burnout and compassion fatigue, and refocus teams on the joy in medicine.

Podcast. The Real Talk podcast brings these provider stories and experiences to a wider audience. Each episode features a care provider’s real story followed by reflection questions.  

Supported by Vituity, a physician-led and owned partnership, Real Talk empowers everyone on the front lines of medicine to connect with and celebrate our collective experiences.

Learn more about the launch of the Real Talk podcast.

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