These Female Healthcare Leaders Will Inspire You to Burn Brightly in 2017 [SlideShare]

Kristin Gershfield

Kristin Gershfield , MD

HM Medical Director, Sequoia Hospital
Sofia Khan

Sofia Khan , MD

EM Medical Director, DeKalb Medical Center

Published February 01, 2017

Women make up most of the healthcare workforce. But when it comes to leading hospitals and practices, they’re vastly underrepresented.

It’s not that they don’t want to lead. (The data suggests they do.) It’s just not easy to balance a high-wattage career with family and personal commitments.

Because let’s face it. Even in 2017, it tends to be mom who fields calls from day care. Daughter who rushes to the aid of aging parents. Sister who babysits in a family crisis.

If you’re a healthcare provider who’s interested in growing as a leader, check out this SlideShare by Medical Directors Kristin Gershfield, MD, and Sofia Khan, MD. It’s full of candid advice on how to build a meaningful career while maintaining joy and balance.

The following is adapted from a presentation at the Vituity Women in Medicine Forum.

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