Telehealth Solutions in Response to COVID-19

Published April 24, 2020

Telehealth Solutions in Response to COVID-19

Implementing innovative solutions is in Vituity’s DNA

By cultivating a culture that empowers frontline clinicians to think outside the box and champion new approaches to care delivery, we have been able to design solutions for the unprecedented challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Our ability to rapidly co-design and deploy solutions has made a critical difference in the fight against the novel coronavirus in local communities across the country.

We have approached the challenges faced by COVID-19 with a few key principles in mind:

  • Reducing the risk of disease transmission within healthcare facilities
  • Conserving PPE supplies for necessary, in-person patient care
  • Maximizing the reach and efficacy of our clinicians, including those who may be under work restriction or quarantine

Activating Telehealth in Acute Care Settings

At practice sites across the country, we have leveraged telehealth capabilities to extend the reach of our clinicians during this challenging time. These processes decrease risks of exposure and help extend PPE supplies.

  • Emergency Department Evaluation — Quickly relieving non-acute patients and helping to transition acute patients with little to no direct contact
  • Inpatient and Critical Care Rounding — Delivering quality, evidence-based treatment to inpatients through virtual patient rounding
  • Hospital at Home — Caring for patients remotely using wearable devices and virtual hospital beds in their homes
  • Post-Acute Consults — Performing bedside COVID-19 assessments with virtual intensivist or emergency physicians
  • Telenavigation — Supporting patients as they discharge from the hospital to home with virtual navigator visits
  • Other Specialty Services — Providing continuous access to quality care and treatment for patients with non-COVID concerns through virtual options, including teleneurology, telepsychiatry, and tele-ICU

Rapidly Scaling Teleurgent Care

While a significant portion of the country operates under movement restrictions and outpatient clinics close over fears of exposure, Vituity has quickly scaled several teleurgent care solutions to meet the soaring demand.

  • Expansion of On Duty® subscription-based teleurgent care service for employers, ACOs, and insurers, including launching service to California-based members of a national insurer within 72 hours
  • Deployment of an AI-powered virtual medical assistant to increase efficiency and bring telehealth to more people through a non-subscription On Duty offering
  • COVID-19 screening questions and telehealth services at urgent care centers
  • Extension of telehealth panel to a national telehealth vendor to provide care to thousands of patients across the nation each day – over 1,000 physicians activated within weeks
  • Knowledge sharing with protocols and best practices available to nation-wide Vituity practice sites

Supporting Frontline Clinicians

Activating telehealth services during the coronavirus pandemic has also played a significant role in protecting and supporting Vituity clinicians and other frontline colleagues.

  • Using telehealth to conduct medical screening exams, rounding, and consults protects those on the frontline from infection by reducing or eliminating the need for in-person contact.
  • Telehealth provides opportunities for quarantined providers to continue to work during their work restriction.
  • Teleurgent care panels have allowed Vituity physicians to virtually “surge” to regions of the country most impacted.

Redefining Care and Improving Outcomes

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