Tackling Physician Burnout

Healthcare organizations are making investments in physician wellness that focus on evidence-based solutions that make a real difference in physicians’ quality of life.

At Vituity, we understand the importance of a balanced and resilient clinical team. We have developed programs and tools to help reduce physician burnout and deliver the highest quality clinical care.

Vanessa Calderón

Vanessa Calderón , MD, MPP

Emergency Physician

Published May 18, 2023

Tackling Physician Burnout

The Need for Resilience

Unfortunately, healthcare worker burnout remains a pressing concern for clinical teams across specialties and locations. A recent survey by the AMA, Mayo Clinic, and Stanford Medicine found that statistics on physician well-being are trending downward. While Vituity provider burnout is nearly half the national average, it remains a top priority.


reported physician burnout national 62.8-percent vs vituity 32 percent


Vanessa Calderón, MD, MPP, Vituity’s Director of Wellness and Resilience, shares how she empowers providers to combat burnout. Her inspirational approaches for clinicians help them to thrive and re-discover the joy in medicine.

Supporting Provider Wellness and Resilience

As a physician-owned and -led Partnership, Vituity truly excels at looking after the physical and emotional well-being of its providers. We’ve developed many robust programs and techniques clinicians can use to improve their own wellness and that of others across the team.

Our Resilience Advantage workshop is an evidence-based course using the latest science on neuroplasticity and the stress response to tools for people to use every day. Topics include improving response to everyday life stressors, adapting to uncertainty, enriching personal and professional relationships, and more. This quarterly workshop is offered to all Vituity clinical and non-clinical team members each year.

We also offer a 30–60-minute workshop at the practice location to help address the unique circumstances of the team’s pain stressors. The workshop identifies strategies and techniques that work at the individual and group level.

Our new Medical Director Wellness Coaching program is designed to improve engagement, retention, wellness, and overall site-level leadership. Over a 12-week period, each cohort attends group sessions plus one-to-one coaching sessions to empower team leaders to become stewards of provider wellness and resilience.

Wellness Coaching for Medical Directors

Vituity is committed to helping clinicians thrive while finding joy and meaning in their work. To this end, We recently launched a wellness coaching program for medical directors.

Medical Directors set the tone for their departments. A leader who embodies wellness is the top indicator of a successful culture of resilience and can make a tremendous difference when a team struggles with low engagement and high burnout scores.

orange checkmark  12-week program includes didactics, group sessions, and individual coaching.

orange checkmark  Participants learn concepts to improve their mindset and habits and positively impact work-life integration.

orange checkmark  Syllabus addresses overcoming common pitfalls like black-and-white thinking patterns and perfectionism.

Change Can’t Wait

As healthcare organizations, one of the best ways we can care for patients is to also care for providers. Frontline providers represent our greatest innovation assets. As the closest connection to patients, we often know solutions to the real-world problems that keep healthcare leaders awake at night. It’s imperative that we look after the well-being of our provider teams as part of our overall mission of delivering the highest quality patient care.

Clinicians at all levels have endured much over the past three years, but we’ve prevailed. It’s time to stop applying Band-Aids and start offering evidence-backed solutions that provide real relief and bring fresh meaning to our work.

Read more about Vituity’s culture that empowers our providers to be their best selves.

Originally published February 21, 2023

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