Seamless Contract Transition, Expert Clinical Leadership

Vituity’s proven startup process ensures a collaborative physician group staffing transition. With experienced emergency medicine leadership and strong operational support, we helped Union Health quickly realize significant improvements to their recruiting and quality challenges.

Published September 01, 2023


Turn Around the Emergency Department – Fast

Union Health emergency department was overcrowded and understaffed. In 2019, Union Health in Indiana selected Vituity as the new emergency medicine provider for its hard-to-staff hospitals in Terre Haute and Clinton.

Three key challenges were identified:

  • Improve emergency department throughput
  • Recapture lost revenue
  • Fully staff the department with physicians and advanced providers

Leverage Transition Team Leadership

Vituity appointed an ED medical director familiar with the region, who quickly established working partnerships with hospital executives, medical staff, nursing, and ancillary services. In addition, he used his connections and Vituity’s national reputation to recruit talented clinicians, including several from outside Indiana.

To prevent burnout, a rotating schedule for five intensivists was implemented to avoid additional recruiting and promote teamwork and respect.

Additional keys to a fast and smooth transition:

  • Deploying proven strategies, standards, and protocols to improve throughput and patient experience
  • Dedicating an experienced implementation team with in-house operations consultants
  • Providing access to Vituity’s practice management resources including recruiting, credentialing, revenue cycle management, and other critical support functions

Quality, Efficiency, and Staffing Gains

In its first year with Union Health, Vituity’s ED team:

  • Reduced time-to-provider by 80% and elopements by 61% at Union Hospital Terre Haute
  • Recaptured approximately $2.4 million in revenue through efficiency improvements
  • Recruited 12 full-time physicians and 6 advanced providers

Contract transitions do not need to be disruptive. Our experienced front-line clinical team navigates contract transitions with a well-defined plan, clear communications, and a passion for improving care. As a physician-owned multispecialty healthcare partnership, every decision we make and innovation we develop is driven by our patient-first focus.

Partnering to improve patient lives

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