Vituitys Innovation Grant Program Awards Front-Line Care Solutions

Published July 19, 2022

For the ninth consecutive year, Vituity’s Innovation Grant program funds solutions designed by front-line teams transforming healthcare delivery.

EMERYVILLE, CA (August 3, 2022) — Vituity today announced the 2022 recipients of its industry-leading Innovation Grant program, an annual fund designed to accelerate the development and deployment of care transformation solutions.

Each year since 2014, Vituity’s front-line provider teams work together to bring their best ideas to fruition, which are then submitted for consideration to the grant program. A few examples of the projects funded this year include augmented clinical education via 3D printing, preventative care initiatives targeted to patients in underserved communities, a patient callback program for better care integration, and more.

“Thanks to the support of the Innovation Grant program, I’ve produced 10 different 3D-printed simulation protocols for medical education across specialties,” says Vituity physician Andrew Crouch, MD, one of the recipients of a 2022 grant. “We now have the momentum to expand this exciting project with new 3D simulation protocols and create an open-source platform for company-wide access to training for all our providers.”

The ultimate goal of the Innovation Grant program is to design, produce, and implement solutions that can be replicated for patients and providers across the country. The innovation funded by a 2019 grant recipient sparked the launch to market of Healthful, a patient navigation company.

“My colleagues and I noticed that many of the patients we discharged from the ED were struggling to find follow-up care,” said Adnan Hussain, MD, 2019 grantee. “With support from the Vituity Innovation Grant, we designed a patient care navigation program. We demonstrated $500,000 in savings in the first year while providing higher quality care and doing the right thing for the patient. It was exciting to see this local pilot developed into a national program through the work of Vituity’s Innovation and Operations Team.”

Each year, grants are awarded after a series of “Shark Tank”-style pitch days, where the innovators present to a team of “sharks” that represent operational and clinical leadership from across Vituity. Criteria used to evaluate potential grant projects include potential for scalability, widespread benefit to patients, and more.

“With the Innovation Grant program, we are reinvesting in our front-line teams and bringing to life their ideas to solve the real-world problems they face every day,” says Rick Newell, MD, Chief Transformation Officer at Vituity. “I’m proud of the entrepreneurial spirit supported by this program and the way it empowers clinical teams to create solutions that set a new standard in care.”

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