Vituity Selected as Employer of Excellence by AAPA

Published May 19, 2019

Emeryville, Calif. (May 19, 2019) — Vituity was selected as one of the American Academy of PA’s Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management’s (CHLM) winners of the 2019-2020 Employer of Excellence Awards.

The award program is designed to showcase organizations that have implemented practices that create positive work environments for PAs (physician assistants) and encourage collaborative provider teams. The program is the first and only PA-specific award program available to organizations, and Vituity is the only national organization selected for the award this year.

“Vituity takes great pride in fostering an environment where advanced providers are empowered to make a difference in both the clinical setting and at the leadership level,” states Imamu Tomlinson, MD, Vituity’s Chief Executive Officer.

Being the Career Destination of Choice for Advanced Providers is a key driving factor for Vituity, which employs more than 1,400 advanced providers — the majority of whom are certified PAs. Advanced providers are recognized as vital to the success of care delivery, and Vituity strives to continually create new avenues, programs, and systems that best address the needs of a growing advanced provider group.

“At Vituity, every provider has a voice, and inclusive decision-making processes are used by teams at our local sites and across the organization nationally,” said Cyndy Flores, PA-C, Senior Director of Advanced Providers, who nominated Vituity for the award. “We encourage our providers to chart their career path by practicing at the top of their license, collaborating to design best practices, and pursuing leadership opportunities to provide high-quality care for more than 6 million patients annually.”

To determine the criteria for recognition, CHLM partnered with HealthStream, a leading provider of workforce, patient experience, and provider solutions for the healthcare industry, to gain an understanding of what PAs value in their place of employment. Based on the survey findings, criteria for the Employer of Excellence Awards focuses on the following five key drivers:

  • Facilitating a positive and supportive PA work environment.
  • Creating processes for effective conflict management.
  • Providing opportunities for PAs to provide meaningful input that leads to positive organizational change.
  • Keeping PAs informed about organizational activity and decisions.
  • Involving PAs in leadership efforts to improve the quality of patient care.

“We are so pleased to recognize the amazing accomplishments of this year’s Employer of Excellence winners. Their progressive work to support PAs should serve as an inspiration and model for all PA employers,” said Jennifer Broderick, managing director of CHLM. “Recognizing the value that PAs bring to both their employers and their patients is the goal of this award, and we were so impressed with all of this year’s winners.”

Vituity offers unparalleled professional development opportunities to support advanced providers to enhance clinical skills, grow as leaders, and reach their professional goals:

  • An extensive in-house online CME program free to providers, plus numerous free hands-on workshops and educational symposiums in addition to a CME reimbursement program for outside learning.
  • Standardized formal internship programs for new graduates, paid attendance at emergency and hospitalist medicine boot camps, and dedicated onboarding practices at clinical sites.
  • Nonclinical leadership opportunities at the practice level and within the organization. Many advanced providers at Vituity have held administrative positions with nationally recognized organizations.
  • Highly competitive compensation and benefits package, with industry-leading 401(k) and profit-sharing programs.

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