STAT Op-Ed with Vituity's Denise Brown MD on How to Stop the Dehumanization of Behavioral Health Patients

Published July 02, 2019

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July 2, 2019

If you go to a hospital emergency department (ED) with symptoms of a physical emergency such as chest pains or symptoms of a stroke, you’re likely to be met by a team of doctors and nurses who know exactly what to do. They will assess you quickly and competently using an established protocol. Most of them will be compassionate and kind, making the patient feel safe and cared for.

Denise Brown, MD
Denise Brown, MD

But what if you or a loved one walk through those ED doors having an acute behavioral health crisis? Maybe you’re hearing voices or have attempted suicide. You’re upset and scared – probably agitated, irrational, and disoriented.

Read more how a compassionate approach to behavioral healthcare improves outcomes and creates a better experience for patients.

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