Putting the Home at the Center of Better Care

Published December 02, 2021

A new survey shows a majority of consumers support receiving clinical care in their home.

EMERYVILLE, CA (Dec. 2, 2021)— Moving Health Home (MHH), a coalition of healthcare organizations advocating for improved access to home-based care, has released a national consumer survey sponsored by Vituity and other industry leaders, including BrightStar Care, Home Instead, and Intermountain Healthcare.

The survey, conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of MHH, speaks to the widespread support by adults for receiving care in their homes across the care continuum, including hospital-at-home programs. Among the results:

  • 70% of those surveyed are comfortable with care in the home, citing that familiarity helps alleviate anxiety and improve communication
  • 73% of respondents are confident in the quality of care they would receive in the home
  • 88% of people who have received home care were satisfied and would readily recommend it to family and friends

“The new benchmark in patient-centric care is delivering quality, compassionate care to patients by meeting them where they are,” says Theo Koury, MD, President of Vituity. “Vituity is proud to be part of the Moving Health Home coalition, joining other healthcare leaders to improve access to home-based care for patients nationwide.”

Vituity sees from the front lines how meeting patients when and where they need care truly serves as the bridge between patients and their health. Amongst its many benefits, care in the home promotes trust and communication by placing the interaction in a familiar setting where patients can welcome providers as guests in their home. This is especially important for those from underserved and minority communities, and this care model contributes to health equity by giving historically disenfranchised communities the option to receive care on their own terms.

“Vituity is excited to be a leading part of this movement toward expanding access to high-quality care at home,” says Thomas Sugarman, MD, Senior Director of Governmental Affairs at Vituity. “We have long championed the expanded use of telehealth and virtual care, which has led to innovations such as hospital at home and remote monitoring. It’s essential that our healthcare systems continue designing care delivery around the needs and expectations of our patients.”

Read more about how Vituity embodies health in place and healthcare justice. For more information on Moving Health Home, please visit https://movinghealthhome.org/.

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