Fostering Innovation in Large, Mature Organizations

Healthcare is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and care delivery organizations must learn to evolve and transform their products, services, and business practices. Vituity’s Chief Transformation Officer, Rick Newell, MD, shares strategies to turn healthcare innovation from a goal into a reality as originally posted in Forbes.

Rick Newell

Rick Newell , MD, MPH

Chief Transformation Officer

Published August 01, 2022

Key takeaways:

  • Passionately pursue both incremental and transformational innovations; play the long game
  • Thriving in the new healthcare ecosystem requires creativity from all facets of the organization—from the board and executive team to the middle manager and front-line personnel.
  • Recognize that innovation doesn’t always fit into established practices; it’s ok to have separate processes from the core business.
  • Take risks and recognize that failures are the first step to success.

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