14 Vituity Physicians Travel to Support New York City Hospitals During COVID-19 Pandemic

Published April 27, 2020

Working directly with the New York City Health & Hospitals system, Vituity has sent a 14-member delegation of California-based physicians to provide front-line medical support for two weeks. In addition to providing direct patient care, the delegation will return to CA to compare best practices and inform the development of future preparedness efforts and crisis care delivery across the state.

“When we were approached by the California Governor’s office about an effort like this, we were excited for the opportunity to help people in New York City,” said Imamu Tomlinson, MD, MBA, CEO of Vituity. “I am so proud of how quickly we were able to coordinate resources and logistics with the New York City Health and Hospitals system to provide relief to some of the hardest hit hospitals in the country.”

The 14 physicians in the delegation are based in hospitals across California, from San Diego to Sacramento. Led by Hartwell Lin, MD, emergency physician and Vituity Board member, the delegation members are working at 5 hospitals in New York City.

“Our practices in California have benefitted from the social distancing efforts put in place early. When approached with the opportunity to send a physician delegation the response within Vituity was overwhelming. We had so many physicians volunteering to go – everyone was eager to help our colleagues in New York,” said Dr. Lin.

After two weeks of shifts in New York City, the team will return to California and self-isolate as needed according to CDC recommendations. During that time of clinical work restriction, the delegation will compile their learnings and recommendations. The team’s invaluable firsthand field experience earned at the current epicenter of America’s coronavirus crisis will be shared with clinicians across the country.

The delegation came together very quickly. Within one week, physicians had been identified and credentialed to work in New York hospitals – a process that can often take months. The Vituity team also coordinated a donation drive within the community for personal protective equipment (PPE), and shipped PPE for the delegation to conserve the resources in New York City.

“Vituity’s focus throughout the pandemic has been on rapidly solving the unexpected challenges our healthcare system faces,” added Dr. Tomlinson. “Since the beginning of this pandemic, Vituity has been leading efforts to provide emergency surge coverage and mobilize support for disaster management sites. This is just another great example of the passion and drive within our team.”

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