Introducing Vituity: The Name at the Heart of Better Care

Imamu Tomlinson, MD, MBA, CEO of Vituity and President of the Vituity Cares Foundation

Imamu Tomlinson , MD, MBA

CEO of Vituity and President of the Vituity Cares Foundation

Published February 01, 2018

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Vituity CEO Imamu Tomlinson, MD, MBA, shares his thoughts on our new name and how it reflects our commitment to transforming healthcare and improving lives.

Q: So, first things first. Why change names?

Vituity is a clear reflection of our culture. We have and always will embrace what we like to call "the culture of caring." It's based on the belief that patients should be at the center of every decision we make.

From our beginning in the 1970s, we wanted to unite passionate providers to make a difference in the delivery and practice of care. We’ve grown outside our California roots, becoming an integrated, multispecialty, national partnership. And our new name encompasses that energy.

We chose Vituity, because it speaks to our excitement – the vitality – of transforming care for the benefit of patients everywhere.

Q: Where does that sense of energy and vitality come from?

I think every provider company claims to provide value, quality, and efficiency. But what sets Vituity apart is our ability to align physicians with what's best for patients and hospitals.

The fact that each Vituity partner owns an equitable portion of our practice makes our work very personal. Our providers aren't just there to punch a clock. We're truly invested in delivering great outcomes and experiences for our patients.

Also, as we’ve expanded into a national organization, we’ve been able to recruit top talent from across the country. These experts bring with them a wealth of energy and ideas that invigorate our practice and keep us growing and marching forward.

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Q: Does the new name reflect future plans for Vituity?

Absolutely. In order to deliver amazing patient care in this rapidly changing environment, we can't just accept the status quo. Instead, we have to think fast and outside the box.

In the past, we focused on transforming acute care within the four walls of the hospital. But with technology advancing by the day, we're no longer constrained by time and place.

For example, we now use telehealth to diagnose and manage some acute patients at home. In many cases, this helps them avoid ED and urgent care visits.

We also use technology to provide on-demand neurology, psychiatry, and critical care support to hospitals across the country.

And really, these examples are the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are growing by the day.

So, while Vituity continues to partner with hospitals, we're also looking at new possibilities. We increasingly see ourselves as facilitators who help patients reach the right care in the right place at the right time. With costs on the rise, this benefits patients, hospitals, and insurance companies — all at the same time.

Q: Your new tagline is "At the heart of better care." What does that represent?

In a word, providers. Because when providers are engaged and energized, patients and hospitals always benefit.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding, talented, compassionate group of providers at the front lines of care. They're constantly providing us with new insights and helping us to understand the industry through the eyes of patients and hospital administrators.

And as shared owners of our practice, they're highly motivated to drive change and transform care. Together, these dedicated individuals are the heart of better care.

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