Not all inpatient care needs to happen in the hospital. Using telehealth, remote monitoring, and mobile care teams, hospital-at-home programs deliver quality inpatient care in the comfort of one’s home.

A standout example of innovating to meet patients when and where they need care is Vituity’s hospital-at-home. This innovative program underscores our commitment to meeting patients, where, when, and how they need us.

Published June 01, 2022

How it works

Patients who present to the ED or a referral center with an eligible diagnosis are screened to ensure they meet hospital-at-home’s inclusion criteria. Eligible diagnoses included congestive heart failure, COPD, and COVID-19 symptoms not requiring ICU care.

Patients are then transported home, where Vituity hospitalists manage their care 24/7 via video visits and remote monitoring. Patients also receive daily face-to-face visits from the nursing team and have access to providers around the clock.

If at any time a patient experiences a crisis or starts to deteriorate, the command center deploys a rapid response team equipped to stabilize the patient and transport them (if needed) to a higher level of care.

An innovative approach to inpatient care

We provide fast, flexible, and patient-centric solutions to help our hospital and health system partners meet today’s challenges.

Benefits: The Hospital-at-Home Advantage

This innovative model offers benefits for patients, clinicians, and hospitals.


For Patients:

check mark icon in circleBetter clinical outcomes
check mark icon in circleImproved care experience
check mark icon in circleShorter hospital stay
check mark icon in circleFocus on quality of life
check mark icon in circleLowers risk of certain complications (e.g., delirium, HAP)

For clinicians:

check mark icon in circleImproved clinician satisfaction
check mark icon in circleOpportunities to address social determinants of health
check mark icon in circleMore flexible scheduling, work-from-home opportunities

For hospitals:

check mark icon in circleMore inpatient capacity
check mark icon in circleImproved quality program performance
check mark icon in circleFewer readmissions

The hospital-at-home model is just one way healthcare is evolving to meet patient and cultural demands better access, equity, and experience.


Deploying a solution for pandemic surges

Early in the pandemic, Vituity worked with a California health system to develop and deploy hospital-at-home services. In April of 2020, in anticipation of COVID-19 surges, the health system reached out to affiliated physician groups seeking staffing and medical leadership for the innovative model. Vituity physician leaders quickly volunteered to build and manage the clinical workflows that would make the virtual hospital possible.


This virtual hospital was expanded from the initial pilot of 50 beds to 150 virtual beds that allowed our hospitalist team in a remote command center to provide high-quality, hospital-level, patient-centered care in the comfort of the patient’s home. Covering the health system’s entire west coast region, dedicated teams of Vituity hospitalists have cared for over 500 patients virtually.

Partnering to improve patient lives

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