Care Integration Drives Growth Across Region

With Vituity’s help, a partner health system was able to increase market share by 38% in a highly saturated and competitive market. By integrating emergency and urgent care, we were able to extend services into the community and provider easier access for patients.

Published September 19, 2022

The Challenge

Grow health system market share in a highly saturated city

Chicagoland is a highly competitive healthcare market, with a number of well-respected academic medical centers and multiple community health systems. To remain relevant and survive future market consolidation, one health system looked to Vituity to help cement and grow market share.

Our Solution

Integrate emergency and urgent care across the community

The health system had established urgent care centers located in communities throughout their catchment area to provide care for non-serious illnesses and injuries. The goal was to extend the reach of the hub hospital further into the community. Immediately upon winning the contract, Vituity emergency and urgent care physicians worked together to maximize efficiency of the centers and the emergency department so that the patients receive both urgent care and seamless access to the hospital for more complex treatments.

Key areas of focus included:

  • Optimizing patient throughput, including decreasing time to provider by 60% within 1 year
  • Comprehensive patient experience program that increased satisfaction with physicians from the 6th percentile to 70th percentile
  • Improving patient transfers from urgent care to emergency department

The Results

Grow market share system-wide

Vituity fostered an environment that makes it easier for patients to receive care. Over the span of three years, the hospital achieved:

  • 47.2% Increase in ED volume
  • 43.9% Increase in admissions from the ED
  • 38% Growth in market share

During the same period, ED volumes decreased or remained flat at competing hospitals in the region.


Vituity physicians and advanced providers’ culture of collaboration extends beyond individual practice settings to impact system-wide goals. By understanding all of this health system’s operations, Vituity clinicians were able to align with overall growth goals and make a significant impact on market share and overall reputation.

Partnering to improve patient lives

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