A Passion for Patient Care

Vituity’s purpose is simple and clear — improve lives. Our physician ownership gives us the freedom to put the patient first and deliver compassionate care when it’s needed most.

Published March 13, 2023

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The Strength of a Physician Partnership

Vituity is equitably owned by our physicians with no outside investors or long-term debt commitments. As a democratic partnership, local decisions are made by local clinicians — the people who know the practice and their patients best.

Backed by national practice management resources and clinical support staff, Vituity providers can focus on practicing medicine. Together, our team is committed to the mission of making care delivery better every day for patients and clinicians.

Join Our Hospitalist Team
Take ownership of your practice, your patients, and your career alongside like-minded leaders and colleagues.

Deliver a Seamless Patient Experience

Today’s patients don’t just expect convenience and seamless access. They want to feel seen, heard and respected by their providers.

As a Vituity hospitalist, you are an integral part of an expert care team, collaborating with specialists throughout the patient journey, from admission through discharge and post-acute care. Backed by our national system of support and best practices, you can better serve your local community and your patients.

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When patients feel safe and respected, they often open their worlds to us and become more amenable to our recommendations. That is when true healing begins.

Swati Mehta, MD Director of Quality and Performance

Swati Mehta, MD
Director of Quality and Performance

Partnering to improve patient lives

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