Health In Place

Meeting Patients Where They Are

Health In Place is the unifying concept that our healthcare system should meet patients where, when, and how they need us.

Care delivery extends beyond the walls of our hospitals and medical offices. We must redesign todays’ care models with a consumer focus to improve patient health and quality of life.


Vision for Patient Care

Vituity has been designing care delivery around patients for more over 50 years. From in-person physician care to AI-powered clinical chatbots, we are committed to delivering, supporting, and re-engineering care to meet patients when, where, and how they need us. Our culture of innovation is rooted in the deep clinical expertise of 5,000 practicing providers who deliver care every day — and are individually empowered to redesign care delivery systems. This is our vision of Health In Place.

The future of healthcare delivery exists at the intersection of medicine, health systems and technology where care is delivered to patients on their terms.

- Imamu Tomlinson, MD, MBA
CEO of Vituity

Health In Place Pillars