The Continued Fight Against

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, emergency departments, inpatient units, ICUs, and healthcare clinics once again face the prospect of strained capacity and resources. As a result, clinicians and other front-line healthcare workers are experiencing burnout at an unprecedented rate.

I am incredibly proud of all the hard work clinicians and healthcare teams are doing day in and day out to manage this pandemic. Medicine isn’t just a job, it’s a mission – and challenges like COVID-19 are the opportunity to fulfill our calling.

Greg Miller, MD
Chief Medical Officer

What can we do to protect the health and safety of our critical healthcare workforce and the communities we serve?

Educate and Vaccinate

All recent studies show that vaccines remain effective against severe disease, including hospitalization and death. Vaccination adoption is the key to ending this pandemic and securing the safety of our friends, families, and neighbors. But perhaps the most important reason to educate and ensure every patient is vaccinated is to help prevent more contagious and more dangerous variants from forming.

Here’s how:

Conveying Accurate Vaccine Information through Unconventional Methods (AMA)

Develop Your Surge Plans in Advance

As we prepare for the fall and winter, hospitals and health systems need to be ready to manage a surge of patients driven by COVID-19 variants and/or predictions for a severe flu season. Learn more about the critical steps all Vituity practices are taking, including:

  1. Assembling the clinical team, including options for surge staffing across nursing, provider, and ancillary teams. It’s critical to develop strategies to retain existing staff and recruit traveler/locum staff. Consider using flexible scheduling, increased benefits, staff extenders such as scribes, and compassionate messaging.
  2. Building care processes in advance, including when and how key treatments and telehealth will be used.
  3. Focusing on clinician and staff mental health.

COVID-19 Surge Preparedness for Fall/Winter 2021

Encourage Patients to Seek the Medical Care They Need

Medical emergencies are still happening, preexisting conditions still need treatment, and routine screenings are still crucial to treating the whole patient. That’s why we are collaborating with our hospital and health system partners to encourage our communities to continue to seek the care they need.

We are more committed than ever to making healthcare safer, quicker, more effective, and more accessible at hospitals and health systems across the country. Everyone can do their part to ensure our communities have access to the emergent and acute care in the critical moments that it is needed by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask.

Don’t Let COVID-19 Stop You from Seeking Care.

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