Defining a New Standard of Care

Leading Change Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Hear from Vituity leaders and industry experts about the importance of staying diligent, seeking care, and cultivating resilience as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While we have seen improvements in many areas, the fight against COVID-19 continues throughout the US.

I am incredibly proud of all the hard work clinicians and healthcare teams are doing day in and day out to manage this pandemic. Medicine isn’t just a job, it’s a mission – and challenges like COVID-19 are the opportunity to fulfill our calling.

Greg Miller, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Stay Healthy & Safe

As vaccines continue to roll-out around the globe and we all become eager to look ahead, it is important to remember that recovery from the pandemic will take time and the safety of our frontline healthcare workers and our communities is still mission critical.

It is imperative that we not lose sight of our responsibility to continue to save lives by following these safety measures inside and outside the hospital.

The guidance from public health officials continues to include wearing a mask in public places, proper PPE in patient care, frequent handwashing, and social distancing when with others outside of your household.

CDC: Mask Up America

Encourage Patients and Our Communities to Receive a Vaccine

Gregg Miller, MD, Vituity Chief Medical Officer

All Vituity clinicians have had the opportunity to receive a vaccine.

In addition to our diligence with safety protocols, it is our responsibility as medical professionals to not only vaccinate ourselves but encourage our communities to get vaccinated. We must do our part to help remove barriers to access and to build trust and participation from as many citizens as possible by arming ourselves with the right tools and information.


Don’t Delay Seeking Medical Care

Theo Koury, MD, Vituity President

Medical emergencies are still happening, pre-existing conditions still need treatment, and routine screenings are still crucial to treating the whole patient. That’s why we are collaborating with our hospital and health system partners to encourage their communities to continue to seek the care they need. We’re taking every precaution to safely care for you and your friends, neighbors and community.

We are more committed than ever to making healthcare safer, quicker, more effective, and more accessible at hospitals and health systems across the country.

Wherever and whenever you need us, we’re ready for you.

Clinician Wellness

Denise Brown, MD, Vituity Chief Growth Officer

The coronavirus pandemic has taken an incredible toll on both human health and those of us fighting to preserve it. We must take this opportunity to build a new model for clinical resilience that goes beyond traditional wellness and focuses on resilience and empowerment within our practice.

In these tough times, we need to offer our clinical teams tools for wellness and resilience, as well as license to make change. Together, these three elements will bring our healthcare workforce through the pandemic and create a more robust and sustainable healthcare system.

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