Practice With Passion

Vituity is a physician-owned and managed Partnership that offers anesthesiologists a positive, engaged culture focused on the joy of improving health. We have built an expert care team in close collaboration across the Acute Care Continuum with advanced providers, technicians, and ancillary staff to fuel our passion for patient care. 

Dedication to Your Success

Anesthesiologists benefit from our systems of support and best practices, including leadership training, physician and advanced provider relationship building, and time-tested tools for process improvements. Our engaged support gives anesthesiologists the freedom to focus on innovation and precision in their practice.

 In an effort to improve wellness for the anesthesiologist physicians who give so much, we created a Resiliency in Medicine program that equips our teams with the skills needed to prosper in challenging environments. 

A Partnership Culture

When you join Vituity, you'll be part of an invested Partnership with a clearly defined path for advancement and leadership opportunities. As an owner, you and your fellow clinicians have autonomy over site practices. Life circumstances often require flexibility, so opportunities are available for anesthesiologists at any of our practice sites across the country

We have a really great structure in Vituity to handle the administrative aspects of healthcare in general and anesthesia in particular. It allows me to get in the operating room and just focus on my patient.

Carl Law, MD

Anesthesiology Partner