Women at Vituity Excel

WAVE, or Women at Vituity Excel, is our enterprise resource group dedicated to supporting women throughout our organization. Founded as Vituity Women in Medicine in 2015, WAVE broadened its mission to support women working throughout Vituity in both clinical and non-clinical roles.

At Vituity, we are proud to elevate the voices and share the experiences of our women colleagues and their contributions to our organization. Now and every day, we strive to recognize and honor the significant struggles, the strength, and the perspectives of the women who have chosen to devote their careers to helping and healing our communities.

Join us here as we share stories of inspiration, innovation, obstacles, and perseverance from women in healthcare.

Facing Unique Challenges

Watch as these women leaders of diverse backgrounds gather to share stories from their path to leadership, finding balance, and raising their voices to change the future of healthcare.

Empowering Women in Medicine

Crystal Kondowe MD
  • “A fundamental shift in culture and as a society is needed. As long as women are seen as less than equal to our male counterparts or that our advances and successes are seen as novel, inequity will persist.”

  • - Crystal Kondowe MD

Vanessa Calderon MD MPP
  • “My goal is to continue to live a life of service every day, do whatever I can to have a large positive impact in the world and be an example of what’s possible for other Latina women in medicine. I hope young women who aspire to a career in healthcare follow their dreams, aim high, look for mentors everywhere and aren’t afraid to ask for support along the way.”

  • - Vanessa Calderon MD MPP
    EM Dept Chair | Medical Director, St. Mary’s Medical Center SF

Anders Tyslan
  • “We need to have representation at all levels and to have our voices heard and respected. We need people’s default image of doctor, scientist, surgeon etc. to include women. I want to tell young women: go for what you want and don’t let anyone tell you no. Be the representation you want to see.”

  • - Anders Tyslan
    Senior Project Manager