On-Demand Physician Expertise for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our teleskilled nursing solutions enable Skilled Nursing Facilities to have cost-effective access to experienced acute care physicians 24/7.

Our services empower nurses to deliver the best care for their patients. Nurses can facilitate a private, confidential assessment as a soon as a patient experiences a change in condition which helps patients avoid costly hospital visits when they can be effectively treated on site.

Benefits of Telehealth for Skilled Nursing Facilities

• Improves quality of care with rapid access to specialized evaluation and referral
• Avoids preventable or unnecessary readmissions
• Improves on-site quality of care
• Gives peace of mind to patients and family members
• Enhances experience for nurses and patients
• Point of differentiation for patients choosing a nursing facility

Designed by Expert Physicians Who Understand Patient and Provider Needs

Our Effective Teleskilled Nursing Solutions Include:

• On-demand access to board certified hospitalists, SNFists, and emergency medicine physicians
• 24/7, private, and secure consultation – right at the patient’s bedside
• Examinations via high-definition video with access to medical records
• Ability to quickly modify patient medication or treatment plans
• Availability of staff and patients to view full documentation
• Staff training to evaluate overall quality