Families at Vituity

FAV, Families at Vituity, creates tools and resources to empower parents and caregivers as they navigate the intricacies of early childcare, schools, mental health, and elder care. Additionally, FAV provides opportunities for networking, collaboration and engagement, while advocating for family-friendly policies across the entire enterprise. Family may mean something different to each of us and no matter what your definition of family is, at Vituity, we believe that family comes first.

Families at Vituity

Celebrating Families

Amber Chen
  • "FAV truly supports all of the ways we can define what “family” means. I’m a newer mom, and FAV has provided an instant community that I’ve been blown away by. I really appreciate how open and brave everyone is when sharing stories and tips. During every meeting I learn something new, but I’m also so moved that I laugh AND cry! It’s really an incredible group of people.”

  • - Amber Chen
    Talent Development Program Manager

Stephen Moss
  • “Becoming a father can be overwhelming. When my first was born I quickly realized there was a lack of dialogue, even a stigma, around fathers speaking openly about the difficulty of balancing professional life with parenting. Being a part of the Families at Vituity group has been transformative for me though. This group is so open, and it makes me feel comfortable to do the same. I’m not alone in my struggles as a working dad and it’s now clear to me how much better I can be at my work and as a parent when I have the space to acknowledge the challenges with peers.”

  • - Stephen Moss
    Director, Clinical Education & CME

Allison Kundu
  • “I joined FAV to support new parents struggling with the challenges of parenting and working. But I found so much more from this community - resources, connection, advocacy, and inspiration. Our monthly meetings tackle everything from how to talk about racism with your children to the impact of mental illness. It's incredible to be part of such a supportive and and passionate group."

  • - Allison Kundu
    Director, Marketing