The Rise of Telehealth in the Emergency Department

Many hospitals adapted to shifting patient needs during the pandemic by reconfiguring their emergency department (ED) processes and integrating virtual care. Overnight, EDs were tasked with responding to the largest public health crisis in living memory. Our rapid response not only saved lives; it also changed the face of emergency medicine.


New Models of Effective Virtual Care

ED telehealth programs have gained significant traction in the last 12 months and are being leveraged at health systems nationwide to augment traditional care delivery models. While not all the innovations developed during COVID-19 will remain relevant, virtual emergency care models that enhance a patient-centric experience and improve accessibility will endure. In this whitepaper, we explore:

  • Reducing wait times with virtual provider in triage.
  • Ensuring continuity of care with virtual follow-up for discharged patients.
  • Improving clinician satisfaction and reducing hospital admissions with virtual patient navigation.

We have been handed an opportunity to redesign emergency services in a way that is both accessible for those who truly need emergency care and timely for those with less critical needs.”

Gregg Miller, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Vituity