Voces de Vituity

Voces de Vituity is our enterprise resource group dedicated to celebrating and educating our organization about contributions from the Hispanic and LatinX communities. The members of Voce are focused on providing professional and leadership development and networking opportunities for our Hispanic and LatinX colleagues. Also, this group prioritizes community outreach by representing Vituity within our communities and providing assistance and aid to underprivileged and underfunded populations.

Celebrating Hispanic & LatinX Voices

Celebrating Hispanic & LatinX Voices

Juan SanchezPerez
  • "Being part of VOCES is the equivalent of a family within a family. It has meant representation, a sense of belonging, and a second family that shares and understands the intricacies and beauty of the LatinX culture. I joined VOCES because the purpose spoke directly to me, who I am and most importantly to my cultural background. I appreciate having a place to bring my own ideas for celebrating the diversity of our Latinx community within Vituity."

  • - Juan SanchezPerez
    Client Scribes Services Lead

Janet Young, MD
  • “Throughout my career, I have never participated in a group like this. Our common bond of being Latinos and wanting to improve the care of our communities has been heartwarming. Being a part of this group makes me feel honored, seen, and heard by our organization. I am excited to continue to unite our organization through our diversity.”

  • - Janet Young, MD
    Vice President of Operations