Embracing the COVID-19 Disruption: 
Defining the Future of Hospitals

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed healthcare overnight. Front-line healthcare providers across the nation have risen to the challenge, facing this disaster with courage and indomitable spirit. Now, as we move from the acute to the chronic phase of the crisis, care delivery must embody this resilience on a hospital and health system level.


Fostering Resilience Through Innovation:
Transforming Healthcare Delivery

To start, we must accept that there is no “post-COVID world.” The virus is likely to be with us for years to come, if not forever. As healthcare adapts, traditional hospital models can be redefined through better-integrated provider teams and technology-driven holistic care, such as:

  • Virtual triage models that quickly identify the appropriate level of care beyond hospital walls
  • Accelerated adoption of artificial intelligence and remote care
  • New technologies that allow patients and providers to connect in non-traditional settings

By leveraging multiple models of patient care from live to virtual, health systems can more effectively care for all patients while controlling costs and stewarding the health of their workforces.

Imamu Tomlinson, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Vituity