Telestroke and Teleneurology Services

Teleneurology: The Right Care at the Right Time

By providing hospitals with affordable 24/7 stroke and emergency neurology coverage, Vituity Teleneurology saves lives and reduces disability. Response times are typically within five minutes, providing patients with rapid neurologist evaluation and management when and where they're needed. Vituity offers a range of teleneurology services, including telestroke, teleneurohospitalist, teleneurocritical care, and teleneurodiagnostics.

Our dedicated panel is different. When a team of providers works together over time, their collaboration and trust truly improve patient care. That’s why Vituity dedicates a panel of board-certified neurologists to each location. Your panel serves as an integral part of your team—working directly with your physicians, surgeons, nurses, and stroke program managers.

Teleneurology Services

Our services are designed to help your hospital’s providers navigate neurological emergencies and complexities with confidence. Together, we tailor solutions to meet your goals.

  • Telestroke and Emergency Neurology
    Consult with fellowship-trained neurologists 24 hours a day. Increase rates of thrombolytic therapy and determine candidacy for neurointerventional procedures while speeding up door to needle and door to puncture times.
  • Teleneurohospitalist and Teleneurocritical Care
    Virtual rounding and ongoing, integrated support from neurologists who specialize in acute conditions provide a tremendous value for inpatients, ICU patients, and staff.
  • Teleneurodiagnostics
    Remote diagnostic reviews provide fast and accurate results. Our services include EEG, long-term monitoring, and interoperative monitoring (IOM).
  • Hub-and-Spoke Network Development
    Our dedicated physician panel integrates with your team, providing a familiar face who knows each facility’s specific capabilities. Hub facilities can serve a wider region, and spoke facilities receive access to higher levels of stroke care.

More than a telestroke program, we offer integrated in-person and remote neurology solutions. We can assist with building a comprehensive neurology program, achieving Joint Commission stroke certification, or expanding your capabilities while providing a seamless emergency and inpatient experience.

Supported by strong medical leadership, robust analytics, and a national network, we work as part of your team to deliver exceptional care with efficiency.

Arbi Ohanian, MD,
  • "Acute neurological conditions such as stroke are difficult and costly to treat. We’re creating a tightly coordinated and streamlined effort that will lead to better clinical and financial outcomes for patients and the hospital.”

  • Arbi Ohanian, MD
    Vituity’s Vice President of Operations, Acute Neurology

Teleneurology Partnerships With Vituity

  • Direct access to on-call neurologist with response times of less than five minutes
  • Documentation directly into your electronic health records
  • Custom workflows that are co-developed for your facility rather than a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Flexible staffing models that provide efficiencies and deliver exceptional value to your patients
  • Leadership for your stroke and neurology programs that engages your on-site clinicians
  • Continuous staff education to increase quality and outcomes
  • Shared commitment to meeting your development and growth goals

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