Leading Neurological Care

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Vituity empowers its neurologists to design impactful programs that meet the unique needs of their hospitals and communities and deliver timely care to patients for whom every second counts.

Before 2018, stroke care at Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, CA was delivered by community neurologists via telehealth. The ED physicians were not specialized in stroke care and had varying degrees of thrombolytic experience. Relying on telehealth to deliver immediate, life-saving care was not sustainable. The lack of a formal stroke program resulted in longer ED wait times and staffing bottlenecks.

To solve for these challenges, hospital leadership partnered with Vituity to implement a comprehensive neurology program that combines remote and in-house specialists to better meet community needs.

Building a Best-In-Class Neurology Program

Over the course of two years, Vituity worked closely with hospital leadership to develop a strategic roadmap to increase the neurological care scope.

  • Implemented a neurohospitalist and emergency teleneurology program in 2018.
  • Expansion of their neurology program in 2020 to include teleneurohospitalist and neurodiagnostic services.
  • These enhanced services deliver more efficient and timely care to patients experiencing a stroke and help ensure the continuity of care necessary for a successful recovery.

Positive Outcomes at Memorial Medical Center, Sutter Health

The Memorial Medical Center in Modesto, CA

Today, the program is recognized as a best-in-class neurology team, beating benchmarks, and providing timely, coordinated care to patients with neurological issues.

  • In 2020, Memorial Medical Center received the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association Get With The Guidelines – Stroke Gold Plus with Honor Roll Achievement Award.
  • The team was recognized with the best time-to-thrombolytics among large Sutter Health system hospitals statewide.
  • Four new neurologists hired, covering the acute and post-acute stages of the patient journey.

Today, we continue work with Memorial Medical to improve their neurology program by recruiting Neurohospitalists, assisting with stroke accreditation process, implementing specialty neurology services like EEG and ICU monitoring.

Zi Wang MD. Neurology Medical Director at Memorial Medical Center
  • "One of the chief strengths of Vituity’s neurology program is its adaptability to meet the unique needs of the hospital and its community. This partnership has allowed us to deliver the best service excellence to our stroke patients and provide career satisfaction to our clinical teams.”

  • Zi Wang, MD
    Neurology Medical Director
    Memorial Medical Center - Modesto