Emergency Psychiatric Intervention (EPI): Integrated ED Patient Care

Designed by Vituity emergency medicine and acute psychiatry physicians, EPI brings together front-line physicians and clinical support staff with existing ED teams to optimize workflows and increase staff engagement. And it’s working.

Case Study #1: An EPI collaborative across nine hospitals improved ED behavioral healthcare: Door-to-medication times decreased from 158 to 44.5 minutes.

Case Study #2: An EPI pilot increased patient and provider satisfaction in four urban hospitals: 80% of providers said the quality of ED behavioral healthcare for patients improved.


EPI Benefits All ED Stakeholders

The positive impacts of effectively and compassionately serving all ED patients, including those with behavioral health conditions, are:

  • Hospitals and health systems improve clinical quality, profitability, and levels of community trust.
  • EDs achieve higher throughput and better care for all, with fewer unnecessary behavioral patient admissions.
  • Providers gain new confidence in their ability to heal, rekindling their joy of practicing medicine.

From dramatic reductions in length of stay—over an hour on average—to greatly increased quality of care and increased staff satisfaction and safety, EPI offers tremendous benefits to our patients and communities.”

Seth Thomas, MD

Director of Quality and Performance, Vituity