Vituity Alliance for LGBTQ+ Opportunities & Resources

The Vituity Alliance for LGBTQ+ Opportunities and Resources (VALOR) is Vituity’s enterprise resource group dedicated to supporting a culture of caring and inclusivity for Vitans who identify as LGBTQ+ and their allies. This team understands the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community as they navigate healthcare, both as providers and patients and are dedicated to building resources and creating change in this area.

Additionally, VALOR is committed to creating a culture at all levels of the organization where people are comfortable and feel safe to be their authentic selves at work.

Pride for our LGBTQ+ Colleagues

Pride for our LGBTQ+ Colleagues

At Vituity, we are proud to be comprised of diverse perspectives and the LGBTQ+ experience is no exception. We recognize that the strength and beauty of the LGBTQ+ community lies in its innate diversity of experiences that span cultures, races, ages, ability, and circumstances. We continue to leverage the voices of our LGBTQ+ colleagues and their allies to shape our company culture and strive to provide inclusive treatment experiences so that all patients and providers feel welcome and safe throughout our health systems.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ Voices

Mark White, Director, Service Delivery
  • “I joined VALOR because it's important. I remember times when you had to hide who you are or filter what you say because you don't know where the safe spaces are, especially at work. Though it can make me uncomfortable to be open about myself, I want to make it different and create the safe spaces for the next generation.”

  • - Mark White
    Director, Service Delivery

Jennifer Boldizar, Project Manager
  • “Being a member of VALOR has had a big impact on my happiness when starting work each day. It allows me to connect with people in my community and people who support my community while at work in a way that makes me feel connected and accepted. I am certainly not an expert in all topics LGBTQ+, so I enjoy the diverse perspectives and have made friends with coworkers across the organization I may not have otherwise come to know.”

  • - Jennifer Boldizar
    Project Manager

Anders Tyslan, Senior Project Manager
  • “The healthcare industry felt more conservative to me, so I wasn’t initially as “out” at work as I’d been in IT. Thanks to VALOR, I was able to find like-minded coworkers and I appreciate the opportunity to share experiences and discuss intersectional issues.”

  • - Anders Tyslan
    Senior Project Manager