Life After Residency Grow Your Career.

Growing Your Medical Career with Vituity

Why Choose a Physician Partnership?

Although it’s difficult to imagine the transition from resident to attending or looking for a new job during the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality is that life still goes on for job seekers. Now more than ever, finding an organization that supports your professional development and clinical resources, financial security, and emotional resiliency should be top of mind.

Vituity’s unique partnership model and programs for career growth can help you follow your passion, and foster your areas of interest with mentorship, guidance, and resources. We believe that front line providers offer the best insight into innovations, and our multispecialty partnership of top physicians, advanced providers, and industry professionals across the country have the system to develop and implement solutions. Here is some advice from front-line leaders across Vituity.

Growing Your Medical Career with Vituity

Follow Your Passion: From Hospitalist Fellow to Medical Director and Beyond

“As a fellow, I quickly gained visibility into Vituity’s 2,200 physicians and 1,500 advanced providers. I squeezed four or five years of relationship building into one year, learning the business side of medicine from the best minds in our organization.

The highlight of my fellowship experience was the chance to complete one of my passion projects — improving patient mortality across Vituity HM sites. By implementing a new role of mortality champion at all sites, the program became a success and raised patient satisfaction scores. When we demonstrate improved quality, hospitals are willing to partner with us on initiatives and allocate new resources to our HM programs that help save the lives of patients.

Of course, my fellowship had a personal benefit as well. About three months into my fellowship, I stepped into the role of Medical Director at Sonora Regional Medical Center.”

– Ryan Johnston, DO, Regional Director – Hospital Medicine, 2016 Administrative Fellow

Fellowship Programs: Fast Track to Leadership

Vituity offers unparalleled professional development support to help you enhance your clinical foundation, grow as a leader, and reach your professional goals. Within the Vituity Partnership, physicians and advanced providers collaborate with other members of the care team to provide high-quality patient experience. These individuals are motivated by challenging the status quo and solving problems in creative ways.

“Vituity realizes that in order to deliver great care, physicians need to lead. I was one of Vituity’s first administrative fellows. My career was accelerated by about 5 to 10 years compared to that of my peers having left residency.”

– Gregg Miller, MD, Chief Medical Officer, 2006-2007 Emergency Medicine Administrative Fellow

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Since its start in 2004, Vituity’s Administrative Fellowship Program has expanded across regions and practice lines to accommodate the growing need for leaders as the Partnership rapidly expands. Vituity currently has administrative fellows in emergency medicine and hospitalist medicine in California and other locations across the country. Beginning in 2019, we welcomed fellows in anesthesia and urgent care, and our first neurology fellow in 2019.

“I believe that in order to improve patient care and advance to a further fulfilling career, it’s essential to have administrative and leadership skills. Being a fellow at Vituity, a physician-owned and -led organization, provided the fast-track with amazing access to Vituity’s executives, leadership, and board meetings to help understand healthcare inside out. “

– Shahla Moghbel, DO, 2019-2020 Neurology Administrative Fellow

“Being an administrative fellow in Illinois gave me an inside look at every level of Vituity’s operations. I finally understand how intricate and immense the effort is to keep a practice running and on the right trajectory for the long-term. Not only did I learn the technical skills of physician leadership, but I’ve gained the perspective needed to develop a vision for Vituity’s role in the future of healthcare.”

– Anish Patel, MD, 2019-2020 Emergency Medicine Administrative Fellow

Fellows participate in didactic lectures and case studies, work closely with their regional leadership, and are involved in higher-level board meetings both within and outside their regions. This first-hand exposure to the business of healthcare expands the daily scope of fellows and grooms future leaders.

"The Vituity Administrative Fellowship is so much more than just learning the ins and outs of how to run a site. The fellowship gives you a year to develop your career and leadership skills. You get to spend time with the executive leaders who become your personal mentors along the way. It is a transformative year where you discover what your true potential is and how you can become an integral part of an amazing team that is revolutionizing healthcare."

-Kamara Graham, MD, Medical Director, 2018-2019 Emergency Medicine Administrative Fellow

Careers with Vituity

Vituity was formed nearly 50 years ago by a group of physicians who believed in the important role they must play in defining and delivering high-quality patient care. Vituity has grown to become one of the largest physician-owned and -managed practice groups in the US because of its providers’ genuine care for their patients, its focus on collaboration and camaraderie, and its ability to deliver outstanding outcomes at hospitals and medical organizations across the country.

Today, physicians and advanced providers across many specialties benefit from our systems of support and best practices, including medical director training, continuing education needed to maintain licensure, physician and advanced provider relationship building, and time-tested tools for process improvements.

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Originally Published Feb. 28, 2019