Innovate Now:
A 2020 Guide for Hospital Leaders

Hospitals need disruptive thinking to survive. Operational spend is rising, reimbursements are declining, and margins have never been tighter. Forward-thinking leaders must innovate to reduce costs while improving outcomes and patient experience.


Real hospital innovations, real results.

Innovation is not dependent on a national footprint or a deep capital well. In addition to advice from leading innovators in care delivery at Vituity, this guide includes 3 case studies that showcase cost-effective care models that drive positive and lasting change in hospitals.

  • Rapid Medical Evaluation® (RME) prompted a 28-minute reduction in door-to-provider time
  • One ED Revisit Reduction Program saved a hospital over $500,000 in unfunded ED and observation care
  • A Hospital Care Navigation Program lowered readmissions by 33% and reduced discharges to SNFs by 67%

Leading healthcare organizations empower front-line providers to challenge the status quo and seek novel solutions to everyday challenges.

Dr. Theo Koury, MD

President, Vituity